Friday, April 11, 2008


Okay Ashley I am posting stop leaving harassing comments on my page!!!!

Breeana and Hollace decided to color today. Coloring time is about the only time they really get along. Otherwise Bree is mad b/c Hollace is playing with all the toys, she is really going to have to get over her sharing issues. Rhett is pretty content in whatever he is doing and coloring doesn't last long with him. That's why he is not seen in any of the pics I took today while they were in the floor coloring. All in all they get along pretty well.

Concentrating very hard, she says she was drawing the moon, can you see it???!!

They decided to trace their feet...very interesting!

On a different note Scott's sister says my new nephew should be making his arrival any day now, I know how that goes though, my doc told me that with Bree for 2 weeks, so we shall see! I can't wait to meet him!

Scott and I are debating on finishing up the painting this weekend while Bree is staying at Nonny's. Wish us luck!!

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Hilary said...

Cute. I am glad to see they play well together-most of the time. I would have been very impressed and surprised if Rhett was sitting there coloring too. I can't get him to sit still and do anything for more than 30 seconds.