Saturday, April 26, 2008

Planting Flowers

We decided to work on our flowerbed today. We are not doing a lot to it considering we live in a rent house, however we wanted it to look somewhat nice. Bree helped her daddy out quite a bit, she loves dirt, she does NOT get that from me!
Scott handled the mulching and Bree and I planted a few flowers in pots, she mostly liked watering them, hopefully she didn't drown them!
She took a little break from all the hard work to jump on her trampoline, and then she called it quits and wanted to go in and watch Mickey Mouse. I am very proud of her she was in "big girl panties" all day and only had 1 accident. We even went to Wal-Mart and Atwoods and she napped for 2 hours accident free :) Maybe she's got the hang of the potty thing!


Hilary said...

We're very proud of her in her "Big Girl" panties!

Kara said...

Yeah for big girl panties!!!

Becky said...

"Big girl panties" is impressive. My granddaughter who is almost three doesn't have time for them - she will potty for reward only.