Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Ashley and I began the task of painting my house a couple a months ago. Up until yesterday we had conquered Bree's room, the babies room, my room, and the main bathroom. So mom decided we needed to get it finished. Yesterday we tackled the hall, entry, and living room. We decided that was enough for this week. Now all we have left is the kitchen and dining room!!! YEAH! Hopefully we can finish in the next couple weeks. Since Nonny was helping this time of course Bree got to help with she asked if she could "do the painting." Here are a couple pics. She was carrying her bucket everywhere and painting little spots on the wall.

She ruined her outfit, it was getting small anyway, and had paint in her hair and on her face, but she had lots of fun. After all the painting fun I was quite worn out, so Ashley offered to take Bree home with her to spend the night! I was so thankful! Anyway Bree came home this morning with her fingernails painted. She was so excited she made me look at them and even told the vacuum to look at her nails. The flash on my camera was not cooperating, but I think you can see the pink paint in this pic.
She wanted me to take a picture of her binky, I am not sure why, but I did it to make her happy! Hopefully she will give the binky up soon, it just makes mommies life so much easier sometimes to let her have it. I am hoping she will give it to baby brother when he comes!!!


Becky said...

Wow! the entire house? Mandy's two rooms about did me in. And I must not be nearly as fun as Nonny, because no paint brushes were offered to little boys, I shudder to think about what would have happened..... It will be so nice to have it all done and you can relax until the little fella comes!

Mandy said...

The thought of my boys with paint brushes makes me do more than shudder. I don't even want to think about it. Bree is so cute, and it really makes realize how different boys and girls are!!

Ashley said...

Hello!!!! you need to post :)