Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Potty, Soy, School

Jare is doing so well with potty training! He had a rough day yesterday, his tummy was upset, lots of dirty diapers, but he's doing better today. He likes to pee outside, whatever it takes I'll do it! He's been talking so much these days. I love the way he says so many words, he's just so sweet, yet so crazy wild!

I started Saw on Soy formula Sunday evening. He seems to be tolerating if well. Yay!!!! He must be going through a growth spurt. He has been sleeping a ton! He has started reaching to who he wants to hold him, is sitting up better everyday, and might be army crawling soon. He's growing too fast!

Bree starts pre-k in 16 days. I found out this week that the early enrollment I went to for her in May was pointless. I have to enroll her AGAIN on Thursday or Friday. I will likely have all three kids with me to do this so it should be interesting! We have her backpack and lunchbox already, she is so excited! I have mixed emotions. I'm happy she gets to go, she is so ready! She gets bored around here and with my hands full (6 month old and a potty training toddler) I have limited time to entertain her. I have cried a couple times already, she's my firstborn and starting school!! The past 4 years have gone too fast!


Ashley said...

She looks so big in these pictures!

Kara said...

I have to go enroll Caden and Lizzy, so I am sure I will be there with all 4 :( Wish we didn't have to do it!

ONce you get jare trained, want to come help with Cole :) I don't even want to start!