Saturday, August 7, 2010

We had a kitten...

for an hour at most.

This little kitty was in the tree in our front yard this morning. Bree fell in love. She named it Hot and said it was friendable, could it sleep with her. I reluctantly fed the little guy and did my best to make sure Bree knew we were not keeping him and that he probably had a home.

He in fact did have a home, our next door neighbors claimed him much to my relief. Now Bree is begging for a kitten off and on. I told her it wasn't a good idea because she is somewhat allergic to them. She informed me that we have Zyrtec to take and she would be fine

So we will see if Scott and I give in or not. I'm hoping she forgets and visits from the kitten next door with make her happy!

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Dawn said...

Your blog looks great. Your children are as usual adorable (we have zyrtec, smart!)We have a cat that a child begged for. Said child who shall be named Molly soon cared not at all for the cat. Cats live a long time. Much longer than dogs. Think about that! On the bright side, Cats are very housetrainable and can be shut outside for long periods of time such as when you leave for the weekend! :)