Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Shane and Ashely's House

The kids and I headed for Paden to see Shane and Ashley's new homestead Sunday after Sunday School. I must say my kids are wonderful travelers. Might be because we go so much!

I don't have any pictures of their house. I figure Ashley will post when they get everything finished. It was nice to visit them and have some extra room to move, breathe, sleep :). They lived in the one room apartment so long that their new house feels like a mansion!

Bree and Jare enjoyed playing outside in the dirt and Shane took then for a walk in the woods. Next time I'll pack their jeans and boots to they can go deeper into the trees.

We were not with Huck (Shane and Ash's yorkie fur baby) on his 1st birthday so Bree insisted on making him a bone birthday cake!

Jarrett came down with a virus while we were there. He barely ate and had a fever most of the time so he was pretty quite and just played.

Shane got Bree and Jare giant jaw breaker suckers. Bree always had it licking it but managed to share a little with Sawyer.

He cried when she took it back!

I am so happy for Shane and Ash as they begin a new chapter as first time Home owners! I really really wish that home was closer to me, I miss them so much, but I'm thankful I can go visit whenever I want!

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Ashley said...

I wish is was closer too!!! Blame it on your brother!!!!!