Friday, August 27, 2010

School Week 1


Bree says she talked to Breelee today. She also came home singing "little pumpkin (where is thumbkin), little pumpkin (where is thumbkin), here I am, here I am." Too Funny :)


Bree came home singing y-e-l-l-o-w spells yellow. There was a paper for a cheer clinic this Saturday in her bag. She wants to go and is so excited. We also went and enrolled her in dance tonight. Life is going to get busy!


Bree was upset today, she got her feeling hurt. She's already over it and teaching her brother "The Wheels on the Bus"!


Came home singing "Head,Shoulders,Knees,and Toes" I've only been trying to get her to sing that song forever!!


Bree asked this morning, "Do I get to sleep in tomorrow mom!"

When I picked her up "no school tomorrow, YAY!"

Thought this was cute.

Bree is in the Greenish bluish shirt.

First full week went great. She is worn out though! Hopefully she continues to enjoy school and want to go!

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