Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sawyer 6 Months

Sawyer is 6 Months old!!!!
(As of Aug. 15, I'm a little late posting!)
What has Saw been up to??

  • Still on Allimentum formula. Tried to switch to Soy, that only lasted about 1 and 1/2 weeks. He goes to the Doctor Tuesday and I plan to discuss this with him.
  • Jabbering a lot.
  • Sleeping through the night pretty much every night.
  • 2 naps a day.
  • Liking your car seat better.
  • Love baby food. Applesauce is the favorite, peaches the least favorite.
  • Rolling everywhere. A lot like his sister! Jare was crawling by now, Bree and Saw prefer the roll to what we want method!
  • Content to play in the floor with your toys or brother and sisters cars and blocks.
  • Get so excited to see people! Loves pretty much everyone.
  • Started liking bath recently, I am so glad he used to scream the whole time.
  • Got his second haircut today.
Can't believe my baby is 6 months old! I'll be planning his 1st birthday before I know it. Trying to enjoy everyday and not stress over the small stuff. Love this little rolly polly so much!

*I really wish I had decided to do all my kids pictures myself. I really enjoy it and since I can't/won't make their b-day cakes, can't sew clothes for them, etc. I can take pictures of them! I am not a fan of studio portraits and can't seem to afford natural light photographers, so my amateur photography skills are gonna have to do! I love these pics of my little man and hope to get him outside soon for more! Planned to do that today, but Scott had to work. Hard to take pictures and keep an eye on the other 2 running around.


Kara said...

Love the pics, they turned out great!

Robin said...

So Cute!!! You know if you lived closer we could trade. I make the cakes and you take the pics. Miss you guys!